Cybersecurity Analytics with Apache Hadoop™

Cyber threats change. Keep one thing constant: 

Cyber threats change every day. Team with Cloudera for a future-proofed architecture that accelerates threat mitigation and detects the unknown threats of today and tomorrow.

Big data analytics strengthen cybersecurity postures

The Poneman Institute Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics Research Report provides numerous key findings that security and risk professionals can use to understand how their peers view big data analytics as essential to defending their organizations against a wide range of attacks and threats.

What challenges prevent the effective use of big data analytics for cybersecurity?

Lack in-house expertise

Insufficient resouces

Technology Limitations

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Cybersecurity big data analytics is critical


of organizations say it’s impossible
to leverage big data analytics
with traditional systems

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Apache Hadoop™ significantly extends big data cybersecurity analytic applications capabilities:

Percent of these applications use Hadoop to increase data volumes by more than 100 %
of them use Hadoop to increase data processing by more than 76 percent
Percent of them use Hadoop to increase data access for analytics by more than 100 percent


Report user demand for cybersecurity analytics on the rise for the past 12 months


times more likely to detect threats within minutes with cybersecurity analytics

One step ahead. Every step of the way.

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of cybersecurity to an organization and its data. The fact is, without a modern strategy, it’s simply not possible to keep up with the number, and frequency, of attacks. And the damage from cyber threats and incidents is likely to have a significant and lasting impact. Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) is the future of cybersecurity data management and analytics—bringing an entirely new perspective to protecting businesses and their data.


Odyssey: Exposing Cyberthreats with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Working with Cloudera, Odyssey gained unprecedented scale and analytics to help its clients quickly and effectively identify cyberthreats that otherwise could go undetected.


Odyssey is a leader in delivering cybersecurity solutions and services in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, with offices in Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Odyssey was founded in 2002 to help organizations effectively and efficiently manage their information security risk.

Odyssey was facing collection and processing bottlenecks, limited search capabilities, and constraints in delivering real-time statistical and behavioural analytics because its legacy databases couldn’t easily scale to support the increasing amount of log data from client mission-critical systems, applications, and communication links.


To integrate big data analytics into its ClearSkies platform, Odyssey implemented Apache Hadoop using Cloudera Enterprise. With Cloudera, the company can now collect and combine any volume or type of log data in its original fidelity, and deliver real-time security analytics capabilities, all within a single, enterprise-grade platform.


Migrating the ClearSkies platform onto Cloudera Enterprise facilitates faster security investigation and remediation, which is pivotal to a next-generation SIEM solution, and improves the company’s ability to detect emerging cyberthreats and trends, such as changes in user behaviour.

Why Cloudera

Odyssey evaluated several Hadoop vendors before selecting Cloudera. “We prepared a POV [Proof of Value] document asking vendors to demonstrate their technology and technical skills for helping us in resolving the bottlenecks that we were facing for collecting, processing, and analyzing log data, and sharing with us their knowledge and understanding to support our vision,” said Antoniades. “Only Cloudera was able to demonstrate that they had the product, expertise, and knowledge to help us understand how we would be able to overcome the limitations we were facing. Moreover, they shared their knowledge and understanding to support our vision, and, most importantly, they delivered.”

He added, “Cloudera also helped us in simplifying the management, administration, and scalability across the Hadoop clusters using Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Navigator.”

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